Life sometimes gets overwhelming…. find something good

Well I have not posted in a while as even though I was on “summer break ” there have been many circumstances going on that I have needed to devote my uninterrupted time to! My son has had phase one of his orthopedic surgery and we are doing phase 2 this Thursday! As I have spoken about in earlier blogs my son has the same neuromuscular disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth as me! We don’t focus on having a disability in this house! Yes we talk about it, but it’s not the focus of our days! Nothing has ever been more difficult than watching Will go through these surgeries! I worry, I just wish I could keep pain away from him! However, I trust that God has this! I look at Will and he is handling all of this so positive! My family just got back from a quick vacation and it made my heart to see him smile, play and get to be a kid before we start phase 2! I always said if when I have a child if he/ she has my disability, who better to raise him but me because Ive been there!!! I think about that often as even though it is hard to watch your child go through major stuff, God knows his plan and we’ve got this…..together!!!

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