Make a difference ( even if you think your not)

img_0777We have had quite a week since I last blogged. Ever since my brain injuries last summer, I don’t ever remember a more OVERWHELMING time. I am strong, and I know God has lessons that will shine brightly after this time is over. Watching your child go through hard times takes the cake for difficult times, but he shows me what strength and perseverance mean.

I guess I always have an underlying fear that he is going to blame me for passing down this gene to him for Charcot-Marie-Tooth. I’m always thinking that when things get rough he will not like the hand he was given. That’s just the mother in me worrying about things I can’t control. Well, this week he was scheduled to get his second major surgery in a month, and for the second time it was canceled due to an infection. For the second time I have had to tell him that the surgery is postponed when medicine wears off.  The first time he handed it ok, but this time not so much! He cried and made my heart hurt because his was. But we got home and my sweet boy just busts out and says as if he can see in my heart, “Mom, if I was given the chance to make this disability go away I wouldn’t! I think God gave us this to testify and help others with sharing what we’ve learned.”  WOW is all I could think! Thank you God for showing your blessings!

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