Reminder that Life is Good

1 year ago today I returned from Siskin Rehabilitation Hospital thankful for life but not having a clue what came next!!! Would I be able to do ANYTHING by myself again, be the mom and wife I was, have any independence, would I drive again, and would I work again? God is AMAZING and has allowed me to be the mom and wife I yearned for so bad, I worked all year with help from dear friends, I just got my drivers license back ( am waiting on my van to be modified), have grown hugely in my faith, have friends from the past to newer that have stuck with me every step of the way,and have partially regained physical independence! I still have reduced use of my right side, but it has slowly improved some! Half of my body is good but my whole heart is GREAT!!!

4 thoughts on “Reminder that Life is Good

  1. Celebrating the remarkable progress you’ve made and the AMAZING woman you are!!! Thanks for being a shining example to us of what it means to hold onto our faith and never give up!!!

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