Worry Ends Where Faith Begins- unknown

I have this plaque in my room to remind me whenever things get to be too much. As all of the teachers know out there, the end of the year is absolutely crazy. I am trying to get all my duties done before we get out of school in a week. That brings up some interesting things then of course are on mind, but I am trying to read the word and not worry about everything coming up. We went to the orthopedic surgeon for my son and he will be getting surgery June 13. As anyone knows who has Charcot-MarieTooth, surgery is usually part of the process. I had the same surgery my son is getting when I was eight. However, since that was 30 something years ago they have made some advances in technology :-). He will be getting a tendon transfer to hopefully keep him from walking on the side of his foot.I know that he will be OK but of course it fills me with guilty feelings of having him go through these things. He is positive about the whole process as he is miserable walking on his foot right now even in the braces. We will get through this process as we always do, with our faith, family, and friends. As my plaque says WorryEnds Where Faith Begins!!!!

2 thoughts on “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins- unknown

  1. Love that saying—one to have imprinted in our hearts! I know you hate for Will to have to go through this, but I also know he has had the best modeling of strength, faith, and courage there is from you and Bob. No doubt our world is better for having the three of you in it!

    I know you are slammed with the end of school so please know many thoughts and prayers are being lifted up for you all. We love you!!! ❤️🙏❤️

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