Happy Mother’s Day

This weekend is a day to share time with, or memories off one of the two most important people in your young life, your mom!! I am in the category of remembering memories of my mom!! Talk about a blessing my mom was for all intent purposes perfect! She was a nurse who when I was born spent years , with my dad, taking me to doctor after doctor to figure out what physical condition I had ( Mayo Hospital, Vanderbilt, Emory, Shriners and so on)!! She was fully supportive when I went away to school ( University of Tennessee, Knoxville), she stuffed Cheetos in her mouth when I came home engaged ( even though she was happy), and she was a nervous wreck when I told her I was pregnant ( but guess who was closer to my Will than anybody )… yes her!!! Then cancer struck and I finally got to take care of her in return!! I got to pray with her, listen to praise and worship music together, go to some chemo treatments, and my brother and I did not leave her side in Hospice holding her hand around the clock!!! I miss her every second of every day but she sends us messages all the time! I found this picture that shows the perfect epitome of my mom…Will was learning to walk and as she did for my brother and I, she had her hand stretched out for protection as needed!!! That’s what moms do! Happy Mother’s Day friends!!

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I love this (and you) so very much. I miss my mother, too. We were very blessed to have the parents that we had. They have made us the strong, independent women that we are today!

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  2. No doubt you had one of the most amazing moms ever!!! So thankful I got to meet and know her and that she raised one of the most wonderful people I will ever know!!!

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