What a school year!!!

A year ago today I had just returned home from my 1 st rehab stay from my 1 st of 3 brain surgeries! I got released a day before my son’s 5th grade graduation! A few days after being home I had a seizure and brain infection and didn’t know if I would make it!!! 2nd brain surgery happened and 2 weeks in ICU not being able to talk, swallow, or move my limbs! I overheard doctors talking to my husband about nursing home options and inside my head I was screaming NO but couldn’t get it out!!! I have a 12 year old, I have a husband, and I work full time as a speech therapist with precious kids!! I prayed as did everyone else! I finally woke up and asked them to send me back to rehab as I have to get better ( yes I woke up taking enough to get my point across! At rehab I left able to talk, move but not normal, and swallow! They didn’t know if I could return to my job as a speech pathologist 8 hours a day!! I got released and a couple of weeks later I started the first day of school!! Battling fatigue, at times depression, and just doing all that comes with working full time I DID IT!!! I had a lot of support from administrators and friends!! I had my 3rd brain surgery in December and came right back to work! The best part was I was close to my son at school when he needed me!! When things seem impossible pray harder, count on friends ( hard for me ), and be thankful for EVERYTHING God gives you back to use for his purpose!!!

4 thoughts on “What a school year!!!

  1. It truly is AMAZING when you stop and think about all you went through and how you were able to return home and to work!!! It is such a wonderful testimony of God’s healing, prayer, and your faith. We celebrate your progress and approach any challenge keeping your strength and model in mind to “Never Give Up!!!”

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