My #3 reason for doing this blog: Love that is real

 I am lucky enough to have been married for 19 years to the same sweet man who has stuck with me through literally better or worse. So many relationships today vary based on their situations, however this man has proven to me that he is there throughout whatever. When I first met him I was very private about my disability and the the course it would follow. However, I realized he was very  serious about my future with him and that was the first time in my life I probably let down my guard and let someone in. He has been there for me throughout  multiple surgeries, cancer scares, my mothers fight  with cancer, his sons relationship from a previous married, with me once we go married, the pregnancy and birth of our sweet boy Will, in recent physical hardships that led to 3 traumatic  brain injuries and surgeries. There was a time  when my latest medical issue lead to life or death, and I could hear him speaking to my friends that no matter what, he was taking me home. Dr’s thought I was heading one way, however due to his love and my son’s support I am now doing everything I did before. That is what Love does.

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