My #2 reason for starting this blog is my son, Will!!

 I am the proud mother of a 12-year-old son. We are like two peas in a pod. I truly believe that God gave me Will because he knew that him and I would travel similar paths and we would help each other through each day. My son has also been diagnosed with the same disorder that I have. We are the only two that have this particular type of muscular dystrophy, so our support group is in our living room 🙂 .  Will and I have been a part of a study at Vanderbilt University and have had our study published in a neurological journal. He is an incredible 12-year-old young man who has great grades, good friends, and wants to be a neurologist when he grows up because of all he has seen and been through. He has the heart of gold, and throughout this blog he will also chime in and write from his perspective. I feel like our story is unusual because he also likes to provide input on being a child with a disability, and having a mother that has the same disability .  I work with children that have disabilities every day, mostly communication disorders. That is why I think it is so special that Will can provide the voice of how it feels to have a disorder, which may give a perspective to some of my parents who don’t always get to hear the explanation or feelings that their child may have.

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