Number 4 reason for doing this blog!!!

I feel like over the last year I have been put through the ringer three times over. Each time has been more difficult than the first one, but the amazing thing is I have bounced back from all of them and feel like a better person for it. When you’re going through Trumatic events, the only thing you have to get through is your family, friends, and faith. Through all of my friends and family praying constantly for me to relearn how to do so many things that I went through, the brain injuries, surgeries, and rehab stays I now see more than ever how prayer works, and how God just takes you by the hand and get you through it. I have always been a believer, but my relationship with God has never been better as I know he’s got my back no matter what. This is shown me  a faith that I have always had but now isn’t breakable. I think God for every obstacle he’s put my way and lead me through it.

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