Why I started this blog

This is such an important blog to me for soooo many reasons! Number 1, I  was born with a physical disability that you would have thought, due to doctors opinions, would have stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. I was always told that, but luckily my parents nor myself took that as what was going to happen. I was Ann extremely happy and productive young lady and grew up to Ben an extremely productive, successful, happy mother, professional, wife, Christian and friend. As my introduction has explained, I am extremely blessed. Life has not always been easy due to different stages of this disability. It has made for some obstacles during times that have affected or changed friendships, how I mother my son, how I  perform my job, and my beliefs throughout the struggles. But even though there have been difficult stages through all of the above I am still doing all of them and successfully.  Many of the difficult stages even taught me more positive ways to approach things.   I appreciate every day that I am given to do what I love which first and foremost is  growing closer to God,  being a mother, wife, friend, and I absolutely love my job and I am lucky enough to do every day. Recently, in the past year, I have had some unexpected medical issues that became an issue, which some were life or death, and not related to my muscular dystrophy. Throughout this year I have grown so much as all of the above, but most of all a Christian. My family has grown closer in sooo many ways  and my faith in God has  continued growing stronger. In the process of the last few months I have lost one of the things physical activities that I love the most, writing. However, thanks to speech dictation I have found another way to write, which is through my voice. I will continue with my number two reason for starting this blog later today.  Have a blessed day and be thankful for every thing you have!

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