Independence comes in different forms

Independence is a HUGE word! What does it mean to you??? It may be a girls night out, it may mean going on a trip…for me it is a simple act that I used to take for granted DRIVING!!! What I wouldn’t do to drive to work independently, taking my son to school, appointments or just for fun, to go to the grocery store for my family..INDEPENDENTLY! Since my first brain surgery April 2017 I lost my independence!! I have struggled the most with losing the ability to drive as I am a goer and doer! I have been blessed to have friends to drive me to work, had family change their schedules to take me to therapy, my husband running around like crazy and the whole time me feeling more and more guilty for having to ASK for help which has always been hard for me! I have luckily been blessed with family and friends that have stuck by and helped me stay in work, etc. Well the time is here… I have been in driving training for driving modifications and I test on Friday June 29th to see if I can get my license reinstated!!!! I am sooo nervous but very optimistic! I am that close to independence!!! Please pray, cross fingers, toes and anything else that I pass and get this part of life back!!!! Just a coincidence is that my dad passed on that date 23 years ago…WOW!!! With that said I know I will have a special angel watching over me!!!!

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