Update on Will and Happy Fathers Day

Will has had a GREAT recovery so far!!! He had the cord length strengthening and tendon transfer on Wednesday! He was nervous, of course, before surgery and I loved on him and told him “You can do this! This is a chapter in your book of life sweet boy!” He took me literally and started writing!

Now to wishing my husband a Happy Fathers Day!! This one has been with mixed emotions as 4 months ago him oldest son committed suicide at 28 years of age, daddy of a 3 month old, in a very committed relationship to a young lady he was engaged to, and struggling with PTSD since serving in Afghanistan in the army! We need to help our veterans so much more than we do! Suicide is viewed negatively but there are people that have sicknesses that lead to this! Ian you are missed and thought of daily! Will we love you every second of everyday!!

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