The Importance of Friendship

There are so many importance factors involved in friendship, true friendship!!! The last year has taught me so much about friendship!! My whole life, living with a physical disability, taught me lessons early! You go into life with a clean slate, not knowing people were not always what they seem! When you enter that stage of life where people find your disability funny! That immediately puts a very difficult wall up that hard to break! You question yourself, peoples sincerity, and trust is gone! The reassurance you feel as a kid is that when I get bigger stuff like that won’t happen… well not so!!!! Jobs, or just specific people at jobs may challenge your abilities, people may not stick with you during physically challenging times, adults judge so as much as kids, and many people don’t understand your huge wall you have up nor take the time to know why that is!!!! So Cindy, what is positive about this you may wonder?? It is the fact that you do met those people that stay, that take the time to understand the whys and work with you to understand, and as my favorite poem says ” Some people are there for reasons, seasons or a lifetime!!” God puts some for a reason or season to help and leave because that’s how he planned it! You can’t change that because it is what it is! But he does bless us with lifelong friends and it is not everyone you know! They are different and God given NO MATTER WHAT!! So appreciate all 3 as they all leave us with a lesson which turns out to be a blessing!! I’m thankful for all, even if there no longer around!! Tell people you love them when you have them!!!

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