Why and Why Not

While throughout life going through hurdles related to my disability through school, jobs, having a child with the same disability, losing my mom to a NASTY battle of cancer, my brother being diagnosed with leukemia, and fighting the affects that a brain tumor left me with, people have asked my family how/ WHY we all stay happy, and we respond WHY NOT. When my mom was fighting cancer, my brother was getting chemo, and I started using a chair on the outside we probably appeared rough. But people would ask my mom and she would answer “ We are closer and happier than ever because of all we were going through TOGETHER!!! We were spending quality time, not just time. We supported each other through every step of every diagnosis we were given. And then Will was diagnosed, there was some sadness but overall I knew we had this. The way we handled it was a good overall experience because we handled everything together. Sickness, disability, or even just disappointment are all a mindframe that you can handle by the way you choose to. Other options are you can choose to let circumstances eat you up. My family has also taught each other that we get through anything together, through prayer and God’s support. I’m trying to teach my son to look at it the same way. Disability is a word, but being disabled is a choice. My son knows that he can do anything he sets his mind to. So when I’m asked WHY I like to respond WHY NOT! My life is excellent, and I have always been able to achieve whatever I wanted to. That is not a strength from myself, but strength from above. And I am blessed that I have had a family that has grown together because of that. My son and my favorite scripturePhilippians 4;13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. We have it in several places in our house so that when we wake up we look at it as our friendly reminder. Always find something that inspires you and pay it forward!!!

6 thoughts on “Why and Why Not

  1. Another wonderful post—thank you!!! Love what you said “Disability is a word, but being disabled is a choice.” So thankful there are platforms, such as this blog, to allow amazingly talented, inspiring people like you to share your wisdom.

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  2. Good for you all for having a positive attitude and putting your faith in Jesus Christ, being dependent on Him for all your needs and provisions. Philippians 4:13 is a wonderful verse, was my Mom’s favorite.

    I’ve got a broken body, but it has never prevented me from being able to live life to the hilt. Being “Content” is one of my favorite words because it encapsulates all emotions. In other words, I can be happy and content. I can be sad, yet content. I can be sick, yet content. Stuff happens in life, but it does not mean the rest of your life is sunk. It’s a new beginning and challenge. Peace. Thomas

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