Battle Strong

 Today I got tons of unexpected notes from third grade class. These notes  made me think about how we come across to children, even when we’re not aware they are watching. Every single note said in all different words and spelling how when they see me smiling it makes them smile. WOW!!! Out of the mouth of babes! These are kids I don’t serve in speech, which made it even more shocking! These kids have seen me with half a head of hair most of the year, wearing a helmet to protect my head, throwing a fundraiser because of their heart, seen me with one side of my body hanging off of my scooter ( before surgeries), returning to school in a power chair, and what they saw was the smile and love, not the body doing those things! That was so powerful for me today! Kids teach us so much if we listen. Blessed day and reminds me why I fought so hard to get back to those sweet faces who inspire me every day 💕💕

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