Positive thoughts even after an interesting day

I had my first driving training today for about 3 hours. For those of you just joining us I have always driven, even when my legs couldn’t do it anymore I got a handicap accessible van and used hand controls. Well since over the year I’ve had 3 brain surgeries, they affected my right side since my tumor was on left motor strip of brain. With that said, I haven’t driven in a year. Talk about something that can throw you in a depression, losing your independence can do it. So finally  I was behind the wheel today and driving with the $50,000 accommodation van, driving training. The training went great, until I got a phone call while I was driving. My driving instructor answered today and put it on speaker and it was my vocational rehab counselor who has previously told me after many months of fighting for myself that I was 96% covered with them to make the modifications to my van. However , today  he called and told me that it looks like they can only pay 15% because of a new rule that they have discovered. That new rule is that if you’ve already paid your bills due to my condition, being the brain tumor, that they cannot pay if it’s already been paid for??? So I asked him if I was supposed to go into debt just to prove that I needed. Stuff like that  makes no sense when you have a person who is going against all odds to work, but you have to be able to drive to work.  I was so upset about that phone conversation but on the positive note I did great on my driving training. I spoke to another supervisor this afternoon and they’re going to check and see what they can do for me and get back with me. So, yes I was upset, but I’m just going to  pray hard about it that they’ve made a mistake and that they will see that this can hopefully pan out. I’ve gotten this far, and I don’t plan on giving up now. God bless everybody and I hope you had a great day! I guess an appropriate song for today would be “ Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood ☺️

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