You win some, you lose some☺️

 Hello all! Sorry it has been a few days since I have posted but this has been one heckuva week. I will start off by saying I did not feel good most of the week.  I got sent to the emergency room yesterday due to a major infection, however they did not keep me which is good and bad. I still don’t feel much better, however I still went to work and got my pleasure in seeing my friends and my kids. I was encouraged to stay home and rest, but in my opinion I don’t get better staying still, I want to be around people and make a difference.  On the other side of that coin, I hate going to the emergency room and I will share one of my experiences that has happened many times. Me and my husband have learned to just laugh it off when people turn around. The nurse walks in and sees me sitting there in my chair and says very slowly bending down to me “are you able to tell me your Social Security number.” The way it was said and handled was definitely like she didn’t know if I could speak or not. I’m used to that as every time you go to someone new and they see me, they don’t know how to take me. That’s a perfect example of get to know people inside, not just the outside. And of course, as every trip to the emergency room has been MY WHOLE LIFE, I get told that this is probably just going to be a chronic problem and they send me home. Not that I’m not glad I didn’t get sent home, but I didn’t need to be sent home.  It goes right along with every new doctor you come across they always ask why you’re still working and not drawing disability, questioning if I knew that I could. Yes I know that I could, and I will when the time comes, but that time is not now.  That is the only frustration that I have to say about my week  as I have chosen to focus on other things.  It is frustrating, but nothing to focus on as I know myself, not what I appear to be.

On the positive side, which is where I like to stay, my sweet son Will came up to me on Wednesday morning at breakfast before school, and said that he had written a life quote. Yes he is only 12, but boy is he a smart cookie if I do say so myself.  So his life quote reads as follows:   “God gave you a life for one reason, to  spread the word of the Lord. It is your choice on what  you do with your life. You can live a violent and sinful life against the Lord’s plan, or you can live a good life in the hands of the Lord and make the best of your life, as it could end as soon as it started. “   He has started having more difficulty physically , which we are  about to address at some orthopedic appointments, but that is an example of his spirit. He is so positive and looks at things very differently than most 12-year-olds would. I am so proud to call him mine and look forward to seeing what the future holds for that boy, my boy.

I got home today after a very rough week and my husband was so nice to go outside in our backyard and pick me up some fresh flowers and put them in a container. He comes in my room brings me flowers and made my day. Little things like that mean a lot. After 19 years I do think he still loves me,  even though as every married couple we have our times.

When you have a rough week, friends come into play more than you ever realize. I was so thankful to have people immediately step up and watch over Will when I got sick, and be there for me throughout the week. Not that I asked for much, but I knew they were there if I needed it. I am so thankful to have people that I work with daily and have them in my life to go through times good or bad.

So in summary, this week has had its ups and downs. Physically, it definitely wasn’t my strongest week but throughout all of that I got reminders of God‘s love and strength in my son’s strength, my husband’s support, and my sweet friends. Life has ups and downs but somethings remain consistent, and for those I am thankful.

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